Hello! I'm Kathryn, and it's a pleasure to meet you...

I'm a spiritual artist and Intuitive Healer from Nottingham, England. My aim is to assist you on your healing, wellness and spiritual journey through my Intuitive Healing services, as well as through my artistic creations.

If you're looking for a beautiful alternative healing therapy that encourages the free flow of positive energy through your aura and body, as well as cleanses and balances the 7 main chakras using stunning crystals, then I invite you to consider booking a healing session with me today.

I currently offer Distant Healing sessions, which help to -

- Remove energy blocks within the aura

- Encourage the free flow of positive energy around the aura and body

- Cleanse and balance the 7 main chakras

- Bring about a sense of over all wellbeing and positivity

- Help reduce stress

By connecting and working with my Guardian Angel and Healing Guides, I am able to use my clairsentient abilities to 'feel' where to direct the loving, healing energy they send through me to pass to you. I love giving healing, it is such a beautiful treatment, and each time I am amazed at the results! 

If you would like to hear some experiences from wonderful people I have worked with, please click here to go to the testimonial page. 

To find out a little more about how Distant Healing works, please click here

To read the FAQ please click here 

(PLEASE NOTE: All holistic and alternative therapies are considered to be complementary. Therefore, they should not be used in place of conventional medicine. If you do have any health concerns, always consult your doctor, and always follow the guidance and advice of your doctor.)





Distant Healing Now Available!

Distant healing helps bring a sense of calm and

balanced wellbeing - a beautiful addition to your

self care and wellness routine!

To book a session, visit my shop here

To find out more information about how distant healing

works and the benefits, visit here

To read incredible experiences from my distant healing

sessions, visit here

To visit the FAQ, click here

Creating My First Oracle Deck

A project that began during the first lockdown of summer last year, I am creating a healing deck based on the nurturing but powerful feminine energies to help guide us to a place of wellness. With cards such as 'love' , 'transformation' and 'connection' , let them guide you to a place of peace and healing. 

All artwork is original and hand drawn using graphite in my distinctive style, then will be digitally finished to be the final artwork for the deck. 

As I am half way through creating the card artwork, it's an exciting time to see it build up.

View spiritual inspired drawings, created mostly using graphite pencils.

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View the gallery for artwork created from meditation experiences.

Read Holistic Health tips to guide you to a place of healing and wellness.

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