Welcome to Light Of Solstice.

My name is Kathryn, I am an artist, wife and more recently, a mother.

My work is demonstrative of a holistic and spiritual journey, thoughts and

experiences of worlds and beings we can not see. I’m trying to merge together

all parts of my life – one where I have always created, and one where I’ve

seldom talked about, where I have experienced things that do not have a logical

explanation, one that I’m becoming more comfortable in sharing and one that

I’m forever seeking knowledge.

My creative path has been life long, my style and interests have evolved where

I have come to love using graphite with small amounts of acrylic to draw

figuratively with a sense of surreal energy. I have always enjoyed portraiture

and realism, but now I like to add movement and layers to my drawings. Recently

I have experimented with using mix media to make art from my meditation sessions.

What started out as a way to show my husband what I had seen, has turned into a

meditative process in itself.

Since becoming a mother for the first time, it has given me more meaning to life, and love. As my

free time is limited, it has lead me to find way to add a little bit of magic, spirituality and wellness

into each day. It’s made me realize the importance of holism, not only so I can be the best example I can be to my daughter, but also so I can be the best Mother I can be for her.

As I have recently completed a Holistic Health Practitioner course, I look forward to sharing tips and guidance on how to incorporate holism into daily life, to increase wellness and begin a practice for life long health. I hope in the future to train in Reiki and Crystal Healing and offer more direct healing as a service. I truly believe that through art, spirituality and incorporating holism (without realizing at the time) I have been able to find a balance and a way to manage a life time struggle with my mental health. I have become aware that when I start to feel low, I need to take time to heal, and I want to help others find their way to heal. 

Join me on a path of creativeness, where art, spirituality and health meet.

Kathryn x

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