Welcome to Light Of Solstice.

My name is Kathryn, I am a Mother, Wife, Artist and Intuitive Healer. My artwork is demonstrative of a holistic

and spiritual journey, thoughts and experiences of worlds and beings we can not see. I’m trying to merge

together all parts of my life – one where I have always created, and one where I’ve seldom talked about,

where I have experienced things that do not have a logical explanation, one that I’m becoming more

comfortable in sharing and one that I’m forever seeking knowledge.

My creative path has been life long, my style and interests have evolved where I have come to love using

graphite with small amounts of acrylic to draw figuratively with a sense of surreal energy. I have always

enjoyed portraiture and realism, but now I like to add movement and layers to my drawings. I enjoy to 

experiment with using mix media to make art from my meditation sessions. What started out as a way to

show my husband what I had seen, has turned into a meditative process in itself.

Since becoming a mother for the first time, it has given me more meaning to life, and love. In fact, Light Of

Solstice was inspired by my daughter (read more about how Light Of Solstice came to be below) As my free

time is limited, it has lead me to find way to add a little bit of magic, spirituality and wellness into each day.

It’s made me realize the importance of holism and self care, not only so I can be the best example I can be to

my daughter, but also so I can be the best Mother I can be for her.

I enjoyed completing a Holistic Health Practitioner course along with an Intuitive Healing course, which I enjoy  sharing tips and guidance on how to incorporate holism into daily life, to increase wellness, encourage healing, and begin a practice for life long health. I'm excited that after learning Intuitive Healing, I can now offer more direct healing as a service. I truly believe that through art, spirituality and incorporating holism (without realizing at the time) I have been able to find a balance and a way to manage a life time struggle with my mental health. I have become aware that when I start to feel low, I need to take time to heal, and I want to help others find their way to heal. 

Join me on a path of creativeness and healing, where art, spirituality and health meet.

Follow the Light Of Solstice,

Kathryn x


How did Light Of Solstice come to be?

The short answer, because of my little girl.....


The idea was in the making for many years, just without a name or particular direction. I’ve always been creative and found it to be therapeutic, and I’ve had spiritual experiences since I was a very young child, but kept a lot of that part hidden for fear of being mocked. Through my teenage years, I dipped in and out of holistic health, trying to find a way of healing, as I struggled so badly with severe depression, an eating disorder and self harm that I felt like all the therapy and anti depressants weren’t enough to help me. After spending my teenage years up to my mid 20s on and off various medications, and different talking therapies, anxiety became my main struggle. When in times of good health, I loved to read all I could about spirituality and wellness, trying to make an effort to practice the tips I read about. As time went on, and trialing many methods, I did find that I was able to manage my mental health better.

Even through this time when my mental health wasn't at its best, I worked hard to achieve my ambition of being a tattoo artist. One studio I apprenticed in, was particularly detrimental to my mental health - I suffered badly with stress and anxiety, depression in various degrees. For around a year or so I was in tears almost every morning, not wanting to go. 

It was around this time my spiritual practice became more frequent - with meditations, tarot/oracle card readings, using crystals to encourage healing etc. My work did suffer however, and even when the apprenticeship ended, I tried again in another studio, but the anxiety and stress was unimaginable and after just a couple weeks, I made the hard decision to not pursue tattooing anymore. My heart and soul was no longer in it. But I knew that things happen for a reason, the Universe has a plan but I didn't know what it was.

Art took a back seat for around a year after that, while. I worked as a cleaner and took the time to heal and find me again. Wellness and spirituality was still a part of my daily life, and found I gradually felt better. I’m very lucky that my husband is patient with me - he’s happy to sit there for hours while I tell him about some amazing experiences I’ve had, or what I’ve been pondering. That’s how my meditation artworks came into existence, to show my husband what I had seen as I couldn’t find the words. From this that my spiritual journey became the subject matter of my art. I wasn’t sure about being so open, but my lovely husband really gave me the encouragement I needed. So I started posting my work on social media and created a website and blog under my previous art name. I knew I wanted to somehow help people and do something with my art, spirituality and the experiences i’ve had, and I felt it was confirmed to me when on our honeymoon i had an angel card reading. The reader was such a lovely woman, and had an incredible skill of knowing very specific things. She told me there was a light in me, and she saw me more as a healer than a reader. That reading gave me a lot to think about and some direction.

Roughly a year after that reading, I found myself in a 3 bed house we just moved into, a newborn and our one year wedding anniversary approaching. In the chaos of moving into a house and having our first child, I lost my spiritual and art practice. As the weeks wore on, the exhaustion,stress and difficulty of it all was getting overwhelming. I didn’t want to get to a point where I had been years before where I was too depressed to function.  I knew I had to take better care of myself and bring back that part of my life that I lost when I became a Mum and had a house to unpack on decorate. I set aside an hour a day to start meditating again, doing some yoga - I bought a new organiser (I LOVE stationary!) and began to journal how I was feeling, adjusting to the role of being a first time Mum and writing gratitudes each evening. Being on maternity leave gave me time to think about what I wanted to do with my life, and the more I adjusted as a Mum, as I held my baby, the more I learned about life. 

When my daughter was a few months old, I was set on the idea that I wanted to help people somehow - incorporating my art, sharing my spiritual journey and holistic health tips. When I got back to practicing wellness, spirituality and art, I began to feel brighter - I would look at my beautiful daughter and feel inspired, because there are wonderful things in life. That’s when I knew I had to ‘go for it’ , and help people with their spiritual and wellness journey, as my daughter has helped me with mine. She's almost a year old now, and what a year it has been! The name Light Of Solstice was inspired by her - she is my light , and her name is Rose Solstice.