Find healing advice and guidance for your wellness and spiritual journey

As recently qualified Holistic Health Practitioner, my aim is to offer advice and guidance that incorporates the balance of mind, body and spirit to aid in a journey of healing and wellness. I have long since had an interest in healing, since a very age I have loved crystals and enjoyed reading about alternative therapies. Though there have been several times through my life where I have not taken care of myself holisticly - I have a long history of battles with depression and anxiety mostly from my teenage years and early 20's - I do believe that as I have got older and traveled through life, I have been able to maintain my mental health through engaging in holism alongside conventional western medicine when needed. Holistic health is not to replace conventional medicine, but rather work along side it, so it is still important to see your doctor if you have any health concerns. 

I fully believe that by incorporating acts of holisim into my daily life I have been able to understand my needs more and manage my health better - I know that when life isn't going so smoothly, I can identify what I need to do overcome the struggle and find my balance again, and sure enough, within a couple of days I am back to feeling balanced! 

In the very near future I aspire to learn more about healing, and qualify in Reiki and Crystal Healing so I can offer more hands on healing and expert guidance in those areas. 

Holisim is about a continuous journey of wellness and healing, so join me, as we walk the path together, and live a balance life.

Holistic health is to be used alongside conventional medicine and not as a substitute. ALWAYS consult with your doctor before undertaking any holistic or wellness advice to be sure it is safe for your circumstance and needs.