Healing Services Available

Discover below a range of gentle healing services I offer along with a brief description of what they're about. If you would like to book a session with me, please use the 'Book A Session' button which will direct you to my Etsy Shop.

Taster Healing Session

This short session is perfect if you've never experienced distant healing before and not sure what to expect, or even if you need a quick 'pick me up'! 

Lasting around 10 minutes, I conduct a gentle aura sweep using a beautiful fluorite crystal wand (fluorite is believed to promote healing) over an image of the human body that I have created (this helps me focus and direct healing as this is a distant service). The aim of this is to remove any energetic blockages within your aura. I then use a selection of crystals to cleanse and bring the 7 main chakras back into balance. I then provide an intuitive 1 card reading using a 'Messages From Your Guides' deck to share insight that they would like you to know. After the session, I will send you an email to share what I discovered during the session and your message from your guide.

This Taster Healing Session is perfect to experience how distant healing can work, before choosing to book a Full Distant Healing Session.

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