Main Gallery

A selection of artwork inspired by a life long continuing spiritual journey. Created mostly in graphite, these drawings are a creation to try and put spiritual experiences into an artistic language when words aren't enough. 

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View Kathryn's work in the online exhibition of 'Spirit', hosted by Linus Gallery. 

Click here to be taken to Linus Gallery. 

Selected Artwork from my Light Of Solstice Healing Oracle Deck

A small selection from my Light Of Solstice Healing Oracle deck. The deck features 22 'Emotional' based cards and 10 'Healing Helper' cards, all drawn in graphite before being digitally finished. These are the graphite drawn versions.

Currently, I am finding a way to make it available for purchase (very exciting!) so that it can become a helpful, and insightful guidance tool for your healing journey. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @lightofsolstice for upcoming 'pick a card' , and 'card of the day' type readings, and see when I'll be available for appointments for readings!