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A hint from the Universe?

So a few days ago, I sat with my pen and post it notes and decided to write a couple topics for some blogs posts so I could be prepared and start thinking about what to write about this week. I’m generally an organised person, and since becoming Mum, this has gone into organised – the extreme addition. If I’m out with my daughter (which is a lot) you can guarantee I have packed for every situation – spare clothes, extra dummy, dummy sterilizer, water, bottles, snacks, toys etc, so I approach my creative endeavors in the same way. But the tiredness of mumming is catching up with me again, so I forgot to start writing something last week, and it’s late tuesday night and I’ve just remembered I have nothing.

I had an idea of a topic in mind, but instead thought I would share something present that I’ve just been chatting with to my husband.

Since yesterday, I have had the number 10 come and go in my mind. This evening while pottering round in the kitchen, again it was there, like that niggling feeling you get when you think ‘did I lock the door?’. Yesterday as I rang the doctors and was asked my date of birth, I said 10th November, and even when the receptionist asked me to clarify it as it hadn’t appeared on the system, it took me longer then it should have to realized my mistake – it’s actually the 23rd.

I’ve thought to myself about other appointments. I have one on the 10th this month, but as I wrote it in my diary last week it’s not that. I have sat here on the sofa this evening, talking to my husband about it – do we have anything planned? Was I supposed to be looking at something? Then out of no where, into my mind came the thought of angel numbers. It is believed that angel communicate messages with us through number sequences, common ones being repetitions such as 111, 222 etc.

I hadn’t been aware if 10 was even considered an angel number, but none the less a quick Google search proved other wise. Apparently, it’s a very positive one – to step forward into the future with confidence, there is assurance that the angels are offering support to raise energy and come into alignment. Stay positive, trust in the divine. Guardian angels are trying to get an important message across, pay attention to dreams and intuition. Have the power to achieve own destiny, and have lots of positive ideas, take opportunities that will help to become successful, and approach life goals with confidence. All of that sounds good to me!

I have been really positive about the direction my art has developed, and maybe it’s because I’ve become a Mum, or maybe I’ve grown and in a better place then I had been mentally, but I feel confident about not only my work, but to talk about my spirituality.

Reflecting on the years, I see the brief talks I have shared as baby steps. My husband, while not sharing exactly the same beliefs, has been wonderful and non judgmental, and allowed me to just talk about my thoughts and experiences. He has accepted what I have felt the need to say and explore, and supported me, which I am thankful for.

I have found that becoming a Mum has ignited so many creative ideas, which sadly are taking a while to manifest due to time constraints. And, I. Am. Knackered. All the time. But I feel so uplifted about it all, that I feel it is what I am supposed to do with my life. With how the number 10 has been on my mind, nudging me, I feel like it was a call from the angels, or universe. The meaning has been reassuring, like a ‘your doing all the right things, keep going’ kinda thing. And funnily enough, now I’ve looked it up, it’s not as pressing in my head…..

Kathryn x

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