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Art as a Spiritual Snapshot - Aura Painting!

This was an exciting experiment that my husband was also interested to see the outcome of, and thankfully, he doesn't mind being my regular test run of new things!

Despite considering myself to be a spiritual artist for around 3 years now, (as that was when I was at cross road in life as things weren't working out, but the Universe will remove what is not meant to be for you, not matter how much you want it) my work has centered around the feeling and sights of spiritual experiences I have / had. I haven't explored using art to directly depict anything spiritual of another person - as in to capture something in the moment.

This is also an interesting direction for me, as it's quite an abstract form, and while I produce the meditation artwork (see here to check out the gallery) , my heart does belong to graphite pencils and a blend of realism and surrealism. In fact, I've always loved portraiture, and worked hard to be able to draw realistically, and enjoyed doing a couple commissions and portraits of my friends children as gifts some years ago. (My next personal project is to draw a portrait of my sweet Rose Solstice - she's 15 months old now and really grown into herself - she still looks like her Dad too!)

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and am slowly getting my thoughts into an orderly manner for action. The problem I have is that I'm at A, and imagine C happening, full on live and kicking scenario, where I'm doing x, y and z, and it's great. I'm able to help people from all the creative and healing things I do, I have exhibited, drawn, painted, written, healed, taught... But B, the bits where it's the logical steps to get to C, are a little foggy. And realistically, there are only so many hours in a day. Being a Mother is my utmost priority - I put a lot of time and energy into doing the best I can for Rose in all areas of her life, and I try give her as much attention as I can to encourage and guide her growth, and of course, shower her with all the love I have (she still has the most adorable squishy kissable cheeks, and when she runs over to me for a cuddle and nuzzles into my chest my heart just melts). Though as any parent will know, when your little human is tucked up snug in their bed after a calming bedtime story, we still have to put our projects on hold to battle through tidying up toys, books, get some washing / housework done, batch cooking (if your not already doing this, I really recommend it as a way to always have healthy nutritious meals to go - use those foil trays to freeze, and simply get one out to defrost and cook. I literally have no idea how I would otherwise be able to cook a healthy vegan soya free lasagne (for example) from scratch ready for tea). So while I have all these ideas, I do have to give myself a reality check and reminder that they will come in time, not to rush and do everything and have everything set up now. It's a step process, that I have actually already got onto the path of and been walking a while now, and Light Of Solstice is getting ready to offer more.

Being a Mum is part of that journey too. Rose is still so little, and growing so fast, so I'm making sure I make the most of every moment, even if it's a difficult, testing moment! After all, she has been and is the inspiration behind Light Of Solstice - she has shown me how to have that unconditional love, that everything is from a place of love, how to heal, have purpose and that life really is beautiful. She is my light, from when I spent so many years in a dark place.

So this new experimental venture is something I can commit to exploring further in the time I have available to me in the day, and I'm excited to consider it's possibilities of offering this as part of a distant healing session!

After lots of thinking, I asked my dear hubs Chris if he would mind volunteering for me to paint his aura - he was more then happy to do so!

With auras, I thought it was something everyone saw in their daily lives. Since I was a very young child, I have been able to easily see a bright white glow and energy around people, and on some occassions as I got older, flashes of colour. Growing up, I didn't know about crystals, energy, spiritual / pagan beliefs or anything related to that, it was something I gravitated towards just before my early teens years as I read a lot of books in the library around those topics and found them fascinating and resonated with me. They really spoke to me on a soul level. No one else in my family had such interests - I've always been the 'odd one', though I am very lucky that my family are accepting of that and allowed me to explore those beliefs and interests freely - I know that sadly, not everyone who shares this particular way of life have the same support and reactions from family and friends.

After having such amazing results from the distant healing sessions I practiced as part of learning healing, I decided to approach this in a similar way. After all, we all need a starting point.

We had some beautiful calming music on, Chris got comfortable on the sofa, and I sat on the floor with my water colours and art materials set ready. We did a short meditation together to release tensions and stresses, and I made the request to my guardian angel Azura, spirit guides and healing guides to connect so I could be shown Chris' aura to paint it.

This is where it was similar to how I have done the distant healing - I had my eyes closed and trusted in what colours I 'saw' and painted them as I was shown them. What was really interesting, was that around half way through I was shown a pure white light of energy on one side of his aura. I painted it onto the watercolour paper I was using, then after a short while I was shown another. All the while, Chris stayed comfortable, relaxed in a meditation. It took around 20 minutes or so to complete the session, which after I showed him the painting and we talked about our experiences.

Now, what was really interesting, was that from where he was sitting, and that we only had a couple lamps on in the room so it was fairly dim, he couldn't see very well what I had painted. When I showed him the painting, and explained the white light, describing them as orbs or energy that felt like protective guides, he stopped me, 'wait, was that this side?'.

'Errr, yeh, that side, I was shown that one first, then some colours down here, then another one, why?'

'I kept seeing flashes of white light right there next to me.'

*I smile, our minds are blown*

What's interesting about Chris, is that he used to be a full on skeptic about spirituality / paranormal etc. This is going back a while now, as we've been a couple for a little over 9 years now, but known each other for around 10 years. From what I remember, he had one or two strange experiences before we met and got together, but it seems like there have been more for him since we became a couple. Now, as we have grown together, his views have changed, and he is more open minded and interested to experience some things. He now believes in ghosts (I think the biggest influence behind this was a double date with some close friends of ours to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham shortly after we became a couple. On the tour, we were in a prison cell, with the guide telling us all about a nasty male guard that roams the prison and liked to 'pick fights' with male visitors. Myself, and our friends who were stood a little away from us, saw Chris suddenly knock his head forward. He then slowly moved his head backwards, like he was testing how much room was between his head and the wall behind him. It was when walking to the next room he said as the guide was describing this vicious spirit, he felt like he was smacked on the back of his head, and wondered how far he was from the wall, which was a fair bit o distance. Chris is about 6 feet tall, and well built - think your typical image of a nightclub doorman or biker. So maybe the spirit thought Chris looked like a good match to wind up?) On our honeymoon back in October 2018, we both had oracle readings from a lovely lady who was incredibly accurate. I've spoken about what she said to me, but for Chris, one thing she picked up on is that he has mediumship abilities and would be good for house clearings as he has a look and energy that spirits would oblige by, and that he would make a very good tarot reader - again, because his energy is strong not to take any nonsense! Sadly, he isn't interested in learning tarot, but what she said made sense that he has now seen a fair few spirits over the years. He has been more then happy to volunteer for me to practice intuitive healing techniques, and has found the experiences enjoyable and interesting. I find it fascinating that without either of us knowing what was happening at the time, I was able to paint what I saw in my minds eye and what I felt was there in his aura, at the same time as him seeing with his physical eyes flashes of white light from the same side.

This has all been very encouraging, and to say exciting is a little bit of an understatement. I'm very keen to explore this further (perhaps another trial run with Chris first though, this time after doing healing), and really hope to offer this as a service somehow...let's see!

Kathryn x

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