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Born Of The Stars

This week I wanted to talk about my latest drawing, the inspiration behind ‘Born of the stars’ (A4 paper, graphite and acrylic).

‘Born of the stars’ 2020 Graphit and acrylic on A4 paper

As regular readers and instagram followers (@oneseeingghost) will know, I became a mum for the first time last August. My beautiful daughter, Rose, is now 8 months old, and is changing every day.

This drawing has come from a transition into becoming a mother, with a new understanding of what I already knew, but only now can understand on a soul level.

Making a human with someone has to be one of the most incredible acts we can do. Our bodies, essence and spirit connect, creating the blueprint for a person to develop. It was one evening, as my daughter dozed off in my arms after her last bottle, that not for the first time, I was awe struck – her beauty, her character, how she was part me and art my husband. How we are connected to each other, but also how we are connected to the wider collective, how we are made of star dust, how her soul chose us to be her parents. I believe we live many lives, that we are here for a reason, usually a lesson, and we need to complete it to move forward in our soul journey – what is the reason for our paths to cross? Have we met before? Are we part of the same soul group?

As you can tell, I’m abit of a deep thinker, but it’s because I have a knowing that there is alot more to everything of life and death then meets the eye. When I was younger, a young child, I used to have information that I shouldn’t have known about just come to me. I felt out of place in this world, a feeling that has never fully gone. In my teens years, I used to say alot that this world was not meant for me. I didn’t quite know what I meant, but at the same time, I did know. I struggled alot of depression from my early teens, so the phrase came in part from that, that I felt such despair that didn’t want to live. However, as years passed by, and my mind and heart healed, it all made sense to me. The world is not a place for me, because I am not made for this world. This is another lesson for me, before I can move to the next. But in the mean time, my daughter teaches me much more then words can say, the magic of her being inspires me, we are connected to each other, but also to the universe.

Kathryn x

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