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Cleanse it away

We’ve probably all heard about salt baths, and seen the products available when browsing the shelves of our local health shops and super markets. Advertised almost as a spa treatment at home, that a soak in a salt bath can moisturize skin, soothe aching muscles and help flush toxins out of the body. A warm salt bath can ease stress and calm the body and mind, perfect after a long day!

Himalayan salt is light pink in colour and contains over 80 minerals

However, in witchcraft and spirituality, salt is also an amazing cleanser energetically. It’s common to use salt to cleanse crystals, physical spaces and for spell work.

By including a salt bath, as well as boasting a range of health benefits for your overall wellbeing, it also acts as a cleanser for our auras. Auras surround every living thing, it is energy, also known as our energy bodies. We have 7 layers of energy bodies, and it is possible to see them and their colours. The colours are key to a persons overall wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). However, it is also possible to attract energy that gets stuck in our own energy field, which can make us feel out of sorts. If we work in challenging environments, or even just had a wander round the shopping center, it is possible to accumulate alot of negative energy from others that sticks to us like glue. And essentially, can then manifest to make us feel like, well, crap.

Before my sweet Rose arrived, every Friday after a long week at work, I would engage in a holistic wellbeing routine to get rid of any accumulated energy, and literaly, wash work off me. I liked to feel fresh and rejuvenated for the weekend, for my time to create art, exercise and engage in any spiritual matters I liked. It always consisted of mediation music, exfoliating, moisturizing, a drink of either herbal tea or turmeric latte, and some form of crystal usage. And quite often, a salt bath. Just 20 mins soaking in warm salty water and I would emerge a new woman – feeling refreshed, positive and calm. No negative energy would be coming with me to the weekend!

In our fast paced life, with a never ending to- do list, I think it’s easy to forget these little things of self care. Whilst I don’t have the time do such an elaborate holistic routine these days, I have made a cleansing salt spray, which I use a pick – me – up. As a sensitive person (clairsentient and empath, skills I’ve been told I am naturally and always working to develop), I can feel the difference before and after. There are loads of recipes online for a DIY cleansing aura spray, but it can be as simple as a spray bottle with a couple teaspoons of salt mixed in some warm water. I also added a rose quartz crystal, believed to encourage love, acceptance and be soothing. A quick spritz round my body, and I’m good to go.

So while we’re all staying at home to keep safe, help the NHS and slow the spread of the corona virus, why not wash away worries in a salt bath. In this stressful, difficult time, take 20 mins to yourself to try and find some calm. If things are hetic at home, not going to plan or in complete chaos, just be kind to yourself. You’re doing your best, and that’s enough.

Kathryn x

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