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I was aiming to make a crystal infused body butter...(basic recipe included!)

If you've kept up to date with my Instagram posts (@lightofsolstice), then you probably would have seen that I was doing a few DIY cosmetics, including an aromatherapy roller ball, bath salts and a really intensely moisturizing body butter.

It's not the first time I've given such a make - it - yourself a go. Some years ago I made a cocoa and shea body butter, which seems to be standard starting point - and with good reason, it's really simple start here when making your own cosmetics. It's also really fun, and I had been thinking how much I enjoyed it and wanted to do it again, but this time, with aromatherapy oils and something more moisturizing.

I've used a lot of products in my time - my skin has been somewhat of a battle. To sum it up, it's always been dry and sensitive, I have eczema flares ups on my legs at times, and battled bad skin on my face that required tough medication from dermatology, which also triggered awful eczema on my hands too. Factor in the weather and it just needs a moisturizing coat of armour.

I bought some essential oils (lavender, rose and ylang ylang) as I wanted to branch out and use them 'properly' to ease my mind that wouldn't shut off and to help sleep. I've gone through one of those phases where I just couldn't switch off, not matter how tired I was. I've used essential oils in burners over the years and the occasional one on my body or bath, but not in the way to treat any ailments I've had.

I consulted one of my witchcraft books which suggested an equal mix of lavender and ylang-ylang, which I combined with dried lavender and amethyst chips in a roller ball. It looks so magical and soothing. Though sadly, I seem to have bought a rubbish quality lavender oil as its scent, even in the pure form is barely noticeable 😔.

This also put a downer on my body butter as I was aiming to make a lovely set for myself.

Scent aside though, the butter is working amazingly well. The Internet certainly has some wonderful uses, one of which is the vast amount of information about oils for the body. This lead me to the discovery of kokum butter - a hard oil (solid at room temperature but melts on the skin), with well known moisturizing properties, more so than cocoa or shea butter. For the liquid oil to mix it with I decided on avocado oil - again very well known for being moisturizing.

I looked at so many sites for guidance on measurements that I can't remember where I got this recipe from! Which is annoying as it was a brilliant help.

However, the basic recipe is 20g kokum butter and 10g avocado oil, which is melted on

body butter ingredients, kokum butter, avocado oil, essential oils
Kokum butter and avocado oil ready to melt together before adding essential oils

the hob, with the oils in a safe dish on

top, being sure no water gets mixed with the oils, otherwise it will have a very short shelf life unless you use a preservative.)The essential oil use is where things went off for me. Safe dilution for this recipe is 0.3-0.9g essential oil. I'm not good at maths, so based how many drops on how for the 10ml roller ball I used a total of 6 drops essential oil. But to make it even more difficult, I doubled the recipe.

I think in total I added more essential oil then I was supposed to - only 3 drops of ylang-ylang as it was strong and in honesty I'm not all that keen on the smell, and the lavender, well, I added some and couldn't smell anything. So added some dried lavender to the hot oil as an infusion. This didn't improve the fragrance either, so I just tipped some more

essential oil in the mix....

To cool the mixture I put in in the fridge. I gave it around 20 mins and tried to whisk it with an electric hand whisk to get it light and fluffy, but it turned out it was still a liquid. I'm not sure how long it was left in the fridge as my little girl woke from her nap and so I was to commence Mum duties and came back to it in the evening.

When I whisked it it was solid, which made me think it would also perhaps work as a moisture bar.....

I tried to be all fancy and use a piping bag to put it into a jar (I have been saving most our glass jars for around a year now. I had the intention of making some candles but haven't got round it. ) Initially, I was somewhat disappointed in how little was made, as it filled one of those mini jam jars. But, I'm actually glad its a small batch, as the mix of the faint smell of ylang-ylang and the oils, it actually doesn't smell too great, so it gives me the chance to try using the rose essential oil instead and workout the correct amount to use.

I've been using it for a few days now - it instantly made a difference as soon as it put it on. The awful patch of eczema on my hands is clearing well, and my face feels much better (dare I say it, but maybe it's given me a glow..) A little does go along way too.

The finished body butter

It really is by far the most industrial strength body butter I have ever used. I think I'll be sticking with this for a while!

I also made some lavender milk bath salts. I planned a lovely holistic home spa night, but alas, by plans for that were halted when I discovered (after I'd mixed the jar of lavender milk bath salts) that the packet of coconut milk I'd used was not actually vegan. Because I was rushing round Morrisons when I bought it, I just assumed it would be. Lesson learned - they went in the bin.

But the roller ball and body butter were so much fun to make. I did want to infuse the body butter with amethyst, but with it being my first attempt, that can be for the next batch. I have my crystal at the ready....

Are you going to try making your own body butter to use as part of your holistic routine?


Kathryn x

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