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Leaving here without going anywhere

I started mediating many years ago now, back sometime in my teenage years. I’d heard about it’s benefits, particularly health wise, and as I was struggling with depression (and the other mental health related difficulties that go along with that) I decided to try.

Throughout the years, I have dipped in and out of practice. I have mostly engaged with guided meditations that I found on Youtube, such as meeting your guardian angel, though have also mediated independently.

When I have done independent mediation, I always go to a beautiful nature space, somewhere that only exists in my mind, and somewhere that has become sacred because of its exclusivity. It’s my perfect place. Peaceful, serene, and abundant in thriving nature. I have met my Guardian Angel there, which was an amazing experience with how realistic it was.

It was some years ago now, maybe around 2014/2015, it was my day off work and the sun was bright and fresh. My then boyfriend (now husband) was at work, I had spent the morning pottering round the flat cleaning, and decided it was time to do some spiritual/self development exercises. After finding a half hour guided mediation on Youtube, I made myself comfortable and began. I became immersed in the visualizations, feeling the cool breeze through my hair, the thick lush grass beneath my bare feet as I stood on the cliff that towered above a small rocky waterfall encased by foliage below. It was there, near the strong trees that I stood, watching, as a brilliant white light gracefully walked towards me. As it came closer, within it I saw a beautiful woman, whose hair was pale blonde and flowing. I asked her name, and it was then I discovered my guardian angel was called Azura.

After a short while, I followed the instructions from the Youtube video to bring my awareness back to the present. I sat up, pondering over what I had experienced. It was so vivid, strong, nothing like I had been through before. I quickly wrote her name on some paper before I forgot, as I had never heard it before. I was amazed at how real it had all been, like I had fully escaped this plane to be somewhere else. I Googled her name, and was even more amazed that it is an actual name! The search results agree that it is a female name, meaning sky blue, though the origins seem divisive.

Since then, I have used her name when communicating with her, and have met her again in subsequent meditations. Over the years, when things have happened that are of a spiritual nature, it leaves me speechless at how incredible the Universe works, and often leaves more questions then answers. It’s probably worth mentioning that I don’t automatically jump to that conclusion if something happens that I can’t explain, I work through logic to find answers. However, when I have sat and thought about all the odd, out-there occurrences through my life, I am happy to draw the conclusion that there is a lot that we just can’t explain, but does exist. I find metaphysics interesting, and theories of multi-verses, dimensions/planes, many physical/spiritual/energetic beings that are wondering around us that we can’t see, but sometimes feel. But I am comforted, from an anxiety point of view of ‘what ifs’ that if something major is going to happen, then Azura will do her best to let me know. There have been two instances where this has happened, where I have heard a voice. Both very personal, so for now will refrain from details, but they happened in an instant when I had no understanding of what was about to unfold. A female voice, as clear as an everyday conversation, was in my head, telling me quickly in a sentence what would happen, so I could arm myself, and be prepared. Thankfully, both occasion ended ok, at least compared to what could have happened if I hadn’t had the voice warning me so I could act. It’s from this that I believe it must have been Azura.

From these guided mediation experiences, I decided to try and get into a meditative state, and see what happens, what visions I would see. It was from doing this, that my meditative creations were born. I had such vivid experiences again, of traveling through the cosmos, with spiritual energy guiding me, I saw planets outside our solar system and felt such freedom and peace.

Travel 1 Mix media on A3, my first mediation artwork

I just didn’t have the words to explain this to my husband. I tried to verbally paint a picture for him, but nothing compared. This was the beginning of my ongoing series of mediation mix media works, that I have tried to re-create a snap shot that I have seen, tried to make it resemble exactly what I had experienced. The creating has been a form of mediation in itself. I intend to keep making these paintings for as long as I feel the need to.

Travel 7 Pink Sun, Mix Media A6. My latest piece.

My latest piece, was from a short mediation I did one morning a week or so ago. I was squeezing it in before my daughter and husband woke. It didn’t take long to focus and the scenes unfolding before me. I felt lifted, calm, and most importantly, free. I had left this plane, and I was met by spirit energy to travel. What really stood out to me was we traveled past a pink sun. I knew this was the scene I had to re-create. I chose to make it on A6 paper, a small size for a small session. The pink sun, with golden light to the right, and spirit energy flowing through it.

There are of course many health benefits to having a mediation practice. According to Headspace, a mediation app, the benefits are backed by science. Evidence suggests that mediation can make a positive impact on your life, such as reducing stress, improving sleep and our relationships (read more at https://www.headspace.com/science/meditation-benefits ). In my view, they’re all enough reasons to get started. There’s no need for fancy, Instagram worthy spaces or props, just somewhere comfortable, quiet and where you wont be disturbed.

To start with, just close your eyes and focus on your breathing, feeling it fill your body, and leave. Listen to the sound. Leave your worries and to-do lists to one side, and take 5 minutes to just be. You can imagine tree roots coming from your feet, anchoring you to the earth, and pure, loving white light descending into you, bringing positive thoughts and feelings. When finished, slowly bring your awareness back, take some deep breaths, and get on with your day. It really can be as simple as that.

You can also check out guided mediations on Youtube and there are many apps to download onto your phone.

Have a go at a mediation, you may be suprised at what you experience!

Kathryn x

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