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Making A Portable Angel Altar.

My miniature Angel altar.

It was an early morning, and after I’d fed my daughter, she went back to sleep as she usually does. She tends to catnap in the day, so will sleep more after waking for her first milk in the morning. I have a couple hours to myself then – get the bottles and dishes in the washer, get her clothes out for the day, get myself dressed and have breakfast.

I enjoy the peacefulness of the early hours at dawn, and try to do something productive that’s good for me. I have been getting back into yoga and mediation over the past couple months, as a way to get some gentle exercise for my body, and the benefits of a calmer mind that mediation brings. it was during this time that from nowhere, into my mind came the idea to create an angel altar.

I have always believed that each one of us has a guardian angel, and I believe that people have had angelic experiences. Funnily enough, when I pondered where this idea had come from, as I’ve not had the urge to make any kind of altar all these years, I remembered a book I have. I have a few books about angels among my collection of spiritual, occult and wellness books, but this angel therapy book I bought when I was around 15. And it felt like I was being guided back to make a connection with these beings. In the same way I love crystals now, I was around 8 years old when I first picked up a piece of tigers eye in a gifts shop of some theme park on a family holiday. I chose it because as a shy child, the stone was described as giving people confidence. I didn’t then get back into crystals until my teen years, and my love for them has grown ever since. Don’t get me wrong, there have been several times in my life when I drifted away from holism and a sense of spirituality, mostly when I was severely depressed and mentally unwell, but I was always guided back. It felt like I was being lead in the same direction for angels.

With limited space, and a 5 month old daughter, a mini travel altar was the perfect solution.

I also found a pack of angel oracle cards among my wares, and I’ve been wanting to practice card readings, so this seemed perfect to incorporate them into the altar box.

Gathering items for your alter

Firstly, you will need some kind of box/container. Have a look round your house, maybe a trinket box, gift box or other small container.

Then you need to gather a few small items that represent the angels to you. These can be things such as crystals (I chose a selenite tower, a small amethyst geode and raw piece of quartz), candles, feathers, small statues, a drawing or photo of an angel, words that mean something to you, an essential oil. It’s about making it personal and using items that resonate with you and represent what you like.

Display your items any way that feels right to you.

On my altar, I have a selenite tower, a crystal that is known for raising vibrations and representing angels, amethyst to increase spiritual connection and quartz as an amplifier and encourage positive feelings and energy. The little guardian angel was a gift from my Mum a couple years ago, that at the time was unsure where I should display it. The pentagram reminds me of the elements and our Earth, I have been wearing one as a necklace since I was 14. The candles are white birthday candles, which are great to use as they burn quick, are small and very cheap. I was pondering how I could have them stand, so my husband came up with the idea of making a little wooden stand, and drilled small holes for the candles holders to sit, which I then painted white. I also use a tealight candle for mediation and card readings as it lasts longer. I made a small alter cloth from scrap of natural calico I had in my sewing box, and embroidered a simple angel design in a light thread. The cloth is completely optional, but I feel it adds a finishing touch. I also keep the small pack of angel cards in the box with the altar items.

To use your altar, be sure it cleanse it regularly with any method that you prefer (sage, water, crystals etc) and you can set it up for mediation sessions to connect with your guardian angel or any angel. Notice your thoughts and feelings during sessions, and be mindful of any ‘signs’ from angels and synchronicity that start to appear.

When your finished, simply thank your angelic guides and helpers and pack your alter away for next time!

Kathryn x

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