• Kathryn Welsh

Meet my Oracle Deck!

As some of you may remember, it was around a year ago that I began to work on making my very own oracle deck. It became my main focus as it was a huge project, and being a mum to a lively little toddler my free time has been limited.

But I am so excited to introduce you all to the Light Of Solstice Healing Oracle!

So, how does my oracle work?

Well, I have created it into 2 suites - 22 Emotional based cards and 10 Healing Helper cards - so that it can give gentle, practical guidance from nurturing feminine energy on what we need to know as part of our healing and wellness journey. It makes it the perfect tool

for self care sessions and when doing healing work.

I designed this deck to be read intuitively, so that our higher selves can connect and come through for what will be helpful to use at a particular time.

I am currently working on a way to make it available for purchase - I really want it to be a helpful, spiritual tool for everyone to use. Follow me on Instagram @lightofsolstice for updates when this happens!

PLUS, I'll have 'pick a card' and 'card of the week' type readings so that the deck can start to make a positive impact and share beautiful guidance to assist you on your healing and wellbeing.



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