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Mini At Home Guardian Angel Retreat experience - Plus access your FREE workbook!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

I wait every month for my favorite magazine Spirit and Destiny to come in the shops, and as I read through the latest issue, I got inspired. There's an article about how to do a visualization/ meditation to have a summer holiday experience from the comfort of your living room. I really like this idea - the effects of COVID - 19 have caused a dramatic change to everyones plans and left a lot of uncertainty. But it got me thinking about merging a guardian angel meditation I was planning on doing, with the idea of an at home retreat.

I'd never done anything like this before, but with a little research (Google is fantastic) and planning, I was able to make a workbook for an evening retreat.

I've always liked the idea of creating some kind of workbook - a guide to create a spiritual evening and be able to write directly in it any experiences. I do find that planning is key for everything, so to have it all organised and written down eliminated any faff and would enable me to enjoy the evening. Of course, I wanted to offer it to you all as well, so you can have your own Mini Guardian Angel Retreat at home. It also makes a good base for you to write your own themed spiritual retreat.

So, on to getting ready for the evening!

It took a bit of figuring out, but I found the booklet printing settings on my printer, so was able to print it into a booklet! I have to admit, I did feel like it looked very fancy and professional! It added to the excitement of taking part in the evening.

I planned to have my retreat on a friday, as it seemed like the perfect end to the week. So on the wednesday before, I started to gather what I would need so I had everything handy, and filled out the planning pages.

As part of the preparing, I wrote it in my diary to make a commitment to it, then decided I would be spending my time in the bedroom, and started to gather what I would need for the activities. Starting it at 7pm worked for me - my almost 1 year old daughter would (hopefully) be settled in bed, and my husband and I would have time to do the end of day tidying.

When friday arrived, I couldn't wait for what the evening would hold. I excitedly made my rose latte (recipe here, I highly recommend it!), chopped some strawberries to add with a handful of blueberries, grabbed my journal, and headed upstairs.

Everything I needed for the evening - Thermos flask filled with rose latte, water, jar of fruit, incense and altar items, glue, scissors and the book A Message Of Hope From The Angels by Lorna Byrne. I got the book with an issue of Spirit and Destiny a couple years ago. I started to read it, but then life took over and I never finished it. Though when selecting something angel related to read on the wednesday, deep within my witchy and spiritual wares, it seemed like a sign in itself. I flicked through the pages, selecting a chapter ready, and the words 'being a parent is the most important job in the world' jumped at me. That was the chapter I needed to read.

With everything set, I was off to run a salt bath - the first activity of the evening.

I love salt baths- they really do help ease stress, and salt is known to be an energetic cleanser, so I find it really useful to help clear any negative energies that may have attached to my aura during the week. I do feel calmer and brighter afterwards. It also helps to feel calm and stress free to connect spiritually , especially to feel any energetic changes.

After, I sat on the end of the bed, sipping my warm rose latte, enjoying being the moment - there was no where else I needed to be, nothing else I needed to do.

When I felt ready, I started to assemble my altar. I had it on top of the chest of drawers, which faces the bed and is a clear surface on one side - the other has a beautiful amethyst geode and a couple other trinkets and crystals.

I don't have much angel related items, so used what I had available. I chose to include a few crystals - blue celestite, selenite, angel aura quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. All known to have qualities to help connect the angelic realm, increase spiritual abilities, and bring about a sense of love.

I found that as I intuitively arranged the crystals, and lit the candles, I felt a change. The energy became alive - but not just more active, it felt radiant, light, peaceful and loving. It really felt like the angels and my guardian angel had come into the space for the evening.

I sat on the end of the bed, sipping my rose latte, being drawn to gaze at how beautiful the selenite tower looked being lit by candle light. It was incredible.

I moved on to set my intention for the evening. I write,

I intend to make a connection with Azura to receive any messages from her. I invite the Angels into this space, and thank them for their blessings.

It was during a meditation some years ago that I officially met her, my guardian angel, and she told me her name was Azura.

I took a few more minutes to be mindful, sipping my latte, and gathered what I needed for creating a small collage.

For the images, I Googled angel related pictures and printed out ones that I felt drawn to. I realized I was drawn to blue images - maybe because I find it a calming, peaceful colour. Or maybe because it is the colour that represents the throat chakra, standing for communication. I guess that makes sense. The intent for the evening retreat was to make a connection to Azura and receive messages, which is of course a form of communication. I love how things just end up falling into place.

When I move on to the next section, writing about a previous experience with my guardian angel, I knew it would be about when I first found out her name.

I write,

The first time I officially met Azura. It felt like such a profound break through moment. She stood before me radiating the brightest, white light, emitting such joy, peace, love... I was overwhelmed by it. It was the first time I had received a name I had never heard before. I knew it was a genuine experience.

I sat and remembered that guided meditation I did back then. It was around 2015,a warm morning, I was home alone while my now husband was at work. I laid on the living room floor, and followed the instructions on the video. I was immersed by it, it felt so real. I coudn't quite see her face as she was glowing with such a strong white light and energy. But when I asked her name, and she told me Azura, I kept repeating it, afraid I would forget. As soon as the meditation ended, I quickly went to Google to see if it was a real name and not just something of my imagination. I was stunned with the results. It has Parisian and Arabic roots, and the general results mean 'sky blue'....I have just realized that's another connection to the blue collage images. My subconscious must have remembered the meaning of her name and selecting the perfect pictures to use.

I got myself comfortable ready to read the chapter 'Parenting is the most important job in the world' from Lorna Byrnes book. I'd had a couple difficult nights with my daughter leading up to the retreat. She had been waking up through the night, being very unsettled and not going back to sleep for hours. The night before I stayed in her room for quite some time, laying on the floor next to her cot until she fell asleep and I crept back to bed. So this chapter was comforting words that I needed to hear, some perspective and reassurance. While I read, I gazed out the window at the sunset.

How beautiful is that sunset? I gazed for a while, and thought about the vast universe above us, the different worlds that co-exist along side ours that we cannot see. It really blows my mind. I want to know all there is about life, dimensions...

I put my book down and got comfortable for the meditation that I found on youtube. I kept sitting up, as since my sweet daughter was born, I have a habit of falling asleep during longer meditation session, and I really wanted to be present and receive some messages.

It worked out as I expected to be honest - I kept dozing off, then managing to wake myself back up to get back into the meditation. I am disappointed with that too. I wanted to have a full visual experience, and when I saw something at the beginning, I held my hopes high. Though that's not to say, that I didn't have any kind of experience...

When the meditation finished, I wrote in the workbook,

Was slightly difficult to settle as I kept getting random itches, but soon did. I felt drawn to use a selenite tower between heart and solar plexus, and rose quartz and angel aura quartz on each thigh. I followed a guided meditation, and at first was shown a beautiful nature scene, like I was looking through an arch way. From there, after it had gone, I struggled to remain aware and alert due to being so tired. I kept zoning in when I heard the guided voice. At the end when I thanked Azura and the angels, I felt the energy above me become heavy, drop, like a thick blanket - almost as though they were keeping the energy high and it went back to normal when it left.

I sat still for a few moments, to feel how the energy seemed to change around me, thinking back to how it felt different when I assembled my alter. I may not have had any visuals of the angels, but I definitely felt something had changed. I have been told by other spiritually practicing people (when I've had readings and healing) that I am a clairsentient, and thinking back to how I relate to these experiences, I would agree with that. (Though, I have had a bit of all the 'clairs')

Moving on the last section of the workbook, the End of Retreat Reflection, I wrote

I really needed this time away, a time to slow down and connect. As soon as I set the altar, I felt the energy change, and was continually drawn to the selenite tower, glowing from candle light. I enjoyed the activities, especially reading the chapter. I chose it the other day about parenting- and after the difficult night last night, I felt it was needed. While reading it, I felt almost a tingle, swirling energy over mostly my right leg at the bottom. I feel this was the angels giving me a message over how important this chapter is, and giving me support and encouragement. Disappointed I was too tired to get a direct message during the meditation, but grateful I could feel their presence.

It was around 10 pm by the time I had finished my workbook and the retreat came to an end. I took the photo of the last page earlier today so it can be seen in better lighting.

Now a few days have past, I really think it was a success - having a workbook to keep notes in and activity prompts helped me to focus on the evening. By gathering my supplies beforehand I was able to stay in the bedroom for the duration, away from any distraction in my own world. I wonder if I need to make this a monthly practice? I'm interested to repeat the retreat some time to see what other experiences I could have. Anything spiritual / metaphysical based really fascinates me, so I'm also keen to create another workbook for more exploring - it's added to my to do list!

But for now, click the image below to be taken to your FREE workbook.

To print it into a booklet, check your printer settings, but it will work just as well (and give a little more room for writing) printed on standard A4.

Enjoy your Mini At Home Guardian Angel Retreat, and let me know how you get on!

Kathryn x

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