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Oracle Guidance

I’ve used oracle cards, and tarot, since my teenage years, though only ever as a personal tool for guidance. However, there was always part of me that wanted to be able to read for other people, offer them help, but I always doubted myself. I’ve had a couple readings myself, and when I was on my honeymoon in Cornwall, during a reading a card came up that showed mediumship, and the wonderful lady, Maggie, knew of my knowledge of this, but she saw me more as a healer than a oracle reader. She suggested reiki and crystal healing would be good for me. Those are deffo on my list of things to learn, I really do feel that helping people is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, (whether that’s from my art, this blog, or even just being there for someone to talk to) and with the words from various spiritual people affirming this, I just need to get the fiance together and childcare to get to a course! Though I do believe that oracle cards can also be a helpful tool for healing.

Since I attended a spiritual get together in February (read about it here), I have been practicing reading the cards for my husband, to help build up my confidence. For a very long time, I would use the book that came with the pack, for belief that my intuition wasn’t good enough, and that it wouldn’t be ‘right’. But now I’m older, and feel wiser, I know this isn’t the case. Too much has happened where intuition has proved to be powerful. All it takes is trust – don’t second guess or doubt yourself.

So today, I asked my guides for guidance for the collective, and have chosen a card for us all. Lets see what the message is :

As the Earth is blooming and coming awake, so are we. Though times are hard at the moment, find joy in the small things and take the time to enjoy nature, and what makes your heart sing. Remember to love, find your freedom. Remember that life is beautiful and that we are all connected – be good to each other. Nurture your mind, body and soul, find your happiness and embrace the gifts of the Earth. In this time of uncertainty and anxiety, look to nature, support each other and your community.

I really hope that the message is reassuring and comforting. The weeks seem longer during isolation due to Covid-19, but as time passes, so will this. Be safe everyone.

Kathryn x

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