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Rose for a Rose

Rose quartz guardian angel painting hanging in my daughters bedroom

This week I’d like to share with you a little craft I made for my daughter using a beautiful rose quartz guardian angel – suitably a rose for my little Rose.

Crystals are not only stunning natural formations, it is also believe that they hold an energetic frequency that brings healing qualities to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Rose quartz is well known for being a ‘love’ stone, for bringing about a peaceful loving energy for yourself and all friendships and relationships – it’s abundant in universal love and harmony. It is a gentle healing stone, that opens the heart and brings inner peace, relieving stress and tension. It has such a lovely pure energy, and anything that brings about that kind of vibe is good for me!

A guardian angel, giving love and peaceful energy in Rose’s room

The angel shape is perfect too. I believe that we do all have a guardian angel, if not several, looking out for us throughout our lives. I believe they give us guidance, and speak to us through our intuition to help us navigate through this life. I wanted to have a little angel watching over my baby, to bring her comfort and love in the spiritual way I can not, and to bless her room with a peaceful energy. And I have to say, maybe this is a case of wishful thinking, or maybe it’s because I’m in tune to these things, but every time I walk into Rose’s room, it feels light, airy, energy charged and full of calming love. It’s the perfect atmosphere to her adorable little room.

I was inspired by the mediation pieces that I have done to create a similar background, as to me it represents the vast universe, other realms that are secrets to us and complete freedom yet connected as one.

I have been pondering on ideas for the shop that I’ve been wanting to open for a couple years (really, yes, that long! My concept of time is terrible and life experiences took over a bit). I am considering making a couple of these stunning crystal angel paintings, as they are not only eye catching but can offer another way to incorporate crystal healing into our daily lives.

I am also considering changing my ‘name’, from One Seeing Ghost to something else. As a first time mum, I am in a new chapter of my life, from caterpillar to butterfly, I am renewed, and as my art is a close part of me, I feel as though I need a new ‘name’ to go with this. I’m planning on updating the site in general, giving it a make over. My to-do list is ever growing, so it may take me some time to get round to it, but do keep checking back for more artwork (I have some ideas and itching to create!) and more blogging (making mental notes of potential topics!).

Share with me your creative ideas that you’re either working on currently or excited to start. I’m hoping to create a mediation piece tonight, fingers crossed!

Kathryn x

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