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Soothing Blues

Blue celestite cluster

I love crystals! I love to look whenever we go past a metaphysical shop, and I often end up buying something. They are so beautiful, and even if you don’t believe they hold healing abilities, I’m sure it can be agreed that they are amazing in their colours and formations.

I remember the first time I came across crystals and their healing properties. I was around 8 years old, and on a family holiday, somewhere in the UK. We had gone to a small theme park for the day, and was having a browse in the gift shop. It was there that I saw the big, wooden, circular stand with compartments filled with an array of colours. I was immediately drawn to it, and picked up many to have a closer look. When I read the healing properties of each, I thought they could help me.

I have always been described as a shy child, reserved and quiet. I wasn’t very confident, and felt nervous round new people. But I did want to be more outgoing like my older sister – she was well liked and always at ease in social situations, something that is still true now, she’s always up for a big social gathering. I saw that a crystal was said to be the stone of confidence. I didn’t actually like how it looked, but I really wanted it to help me. So the first crystal I came to own was tigers eye. And I still have it now, a little over 20 years later.

I can’t say for sure if it helped me feel more confident – it was too precious to me that I kept it in a safe place in my bedroom rather then carrying it with me! But I was fascinated at its formation, and how it was the earth that had made such an incredible piece. This was magic to me, and the beginning of my love for crystals.

One of my latest addition to my collection is this stunning blue celestite. Bought from a stall at my local market, I was drawn to its pale blue colour. I had read about this crystal, and remembered that it was believed to help contact the angels and be calming – all of which sounded good! So needless to say, it was coming home with me!

Upon some further research (read- a quick google) , blue celestite has a gentle uplifting vibration, is great for your emotional state and can help with psychic abilities. It also helps bring tranquility and calmness into your space – this could be why, along with the properties of my amethyst cathedral, my mum often comments how the living room always feels so peaceful and calm, even when the floor is covered with baby toys!

For now though, my blue celestite cluster has a home on the mantel, in good company of a salt lamp, quartz point cluster and an amethyst slice along with other magical objects.

What was the first crystal you came to own? Let me know!

Kathryn x

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