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Spiritual Get Together – Hosted by Helen

When I was scrolling through my Facebook page, I saw that Helen Shortland (helenshortland.com) had posted a link to her monthly newsletter – which is always a welcome read! One particular part that really piqued my interest was a Spiritual Get Together, where we would be doing a guided mediation, oracle card reading practice and healing practice. That was it, I was definitely going! (Though double checked Hubby didn’t have plans so he could be on Dad duty.)

I first met Helen a little over a year ago. I’d just got married and got back from our Honeymoon, and was feeling a little, bleugh, I guess. I think it was from all the stresses that come with wedding planning, so I booked in for my first ever session of Angel Reiki. And after a whirlwind year (read about that here) I was back for some spiritual healing. So basically Helen is my go-to lady for a spiritual pick me up.

Saturday came round, and off I went to the bus to head into town for the afternoon. As I arrived, and the others booked onto the workshop, we were all warmly greeted by Helen. Admittedly, as I do have anxiety , particularly round social situations, and the fact that as a first time mum to a now 6 month old, a lot of my interaction is centered round my daughter and my small family and friendship circle. So going to a workshop with people I don’t know was a little anxiety inducing, but it soon became apparent that I was in very good company and no need to be anxious.

The atmosphere was very friendly and calm, and after Helen introduced us and what we would be doing, we were soon being guided through a mediation. Over many years I have dipped in and out mediation, knowing over the last couple years the importance of it for self development and health, but struggle with consistency and time finding. I was glad that I was having the opportunity to mediate, however as I have had a tough week with sleep deprivation I struggled to focus.

We were guided through a grassy field, following a flattened grass path, leading to the edge where a stream flowed. We turned left, to walk along in the direction of the stream, and crossed a bridge into a beautiful flourishing garden. As we walked through, a bench waited among the greenery, with a door facing it. It was then Helen gave us the opportunity to sit and ask for either our spirit guide, a loved on in spirit or someone in spirit related to a person in the group to come forward.

I asked for my guide, Azura, to come sit with me. I always sense a female energy, though have rarely seen her in human form. This afternoon, she was a pure, glistening white light , a mass of energy sitting next to me on my left. I had the image of a red ribbon tied into a bow, and felt a pressure round my 3rd eye chakra, with a wave of energy down the right side of my body. After a short time, we began our way back to the field. Crossing back over the bridge, we looked to see if a gift had been left. As I crossed and walked over the wood to the middle of the bridge, on the ground was a small, square, floral box, with small bits of gold decoration, tied with a pink ribbon in a bow. I thanked Azura for the gift and her messages, and was soon at the start of the field as the mediation drew to a close.

As we went round and shared our experiences, it was interesting to hear others experiences. One lady got the message about a man called John, the number 13, and 3 were significant. The message was for another lady in the group. At first it didn’t resonate with her, but then she re called a friend of a friend being called John who had passed recently and the numbers where related to him. And 2 other women could also relate to the name and numbers! Initially, the messages I received didn’t mean anything to me, and as I write this (the day after) I’m still not sure. In time I’m sure I will!

We then moved onto oracle card reading practice. I have accumulated a few decks over the years, and have used them for guidance for myself, but I can’t really remember using them for others. So to have a go at reading for another person, who I don’t know, was exciting, and nerve wracking as I have to be ‘right’. That’s something I’ve always struggled with, ‘it either is or isn’t’, so be interpreting what I feel the cards say and let it all flow was tricky, I again put myself under pressure. This is all part of the practice though. Helen came round to us all, instructing us to select a card, have a little look ourselves at what the card is, and then pair up (we worked in a 3 with the odd number) and swap cards to have a go at reading. As I went to select a card, the universe decided I needed 2, which were ‘cleanse and detox’ and ‘life purpose’. After swapping one card, we began having a go at reading for each other. On my turn to have a go at reading the card that a lady had selected, I found it tricky to tune in to my intuition. I tried to almost decipher what the card showed, and not think too much about what I felt was needed to say, but the whole time I couldn’t help but think ‘am I right? Is any of this making sense? Am I being stupid? QUICK SAY SOMETHING!’ , so not particularly helpful. I do tend to over think things. When the lady read my card, she seemed confident in what she said (she was holding the ‘life purpose’ card), and evertyhing she spoke of made sense and related to a lot of where I’m at right now and what I’m wondering I should be doing with my life. I was impressed with what she picked up on!

We then had a go at another deck of angel cards, selecting one again (this time, I definitely had just the one card), which was ‘guidance’. Again, after swapping, we practiced reading for each other. This time, I found it a little easier, I think because the initial first one was out the way, and I felt a bit more relaxed about it all, so I think it came across better with what I was saying. Again, this time a different lady read my card, and was also very accurate in what she could sense from it and it all related back to me. It was like she was telling me about my current state of being without me having to say a single thing to her. I certainly want to practice reading for other people, and am considering carrying a small deck of cards in my bag for on the go readings when I see friends and family. As they say, practice makes perfect!

After a short tea break to refresh, we were back to the final part of the workshop… healing!

This has been another area that I’ve been wanting to explore for quite a while now. I’ve always had a degree of interest in wellbeing, which I think stems from struggling with my mental health from my early teens, and trying to find a means to manage it myself, and even cure it, along side conventional methods. When I look back on my life, I’ve always been drawn to some kind of wellbeing therapy. I can see now that the exploring that started in my teen years has lead me to the area of spirituality and holism.

We bagan by being guided by Helen into a meditation to meet our healing guide. I’ve never met mine, so was interested to see if it would be different from my spirit guide. We started by walking towards a door that had light coming through, and into a sacred room. The room I was in had a central floor seating area, of soft cushions and throws. The room was light and airy, with huge stunning amethyst geodes, tall white candles around the room, and pastel cosmic inspired framed art on the walls. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We then went through another door at the other side of the room, down stairs to meet our healing guide. As I walked forward at the bottom of the stairs, I saw a large royal blue cloud of energy waiting for me. I was surprised at this, as I did expect a guide in human form.

After, we began the healing swaps. As a first timer, I was somewhat nervous as I wanted to do it ‘right’ the first time, silly me, again with the perfectionism. The beauty about spirituality and healing is that there is no pressure, no right or wrong, only guidance and a following of your intuition with an open heart. It takes trust. I’m still working on trusting myself. With the odd number of the group, Helen and I paired together. I received healing first, and as a clairsentient, I certainly felt things! As Helen started round my head, I felt the energy, a pulling, a bit of an ‘on edge’ feeling. I could feel the heat from her hands. The logical part of me thinks, ‘how can anything happen by doing this?’ But it does. I have been able to see the energy and auras around people since I was a child, I have been able to predict and know certain events (the earliest one I was only 6, and ‘knew’ about my Dad getting seriously injured in a motorbike accident. One day I may share the memory fully). I’ve experienced a psychic attack, seen a being that I believe to have been an angel, sensed the angels, and heard my guide tell me warnings, just to name a few. So I know first hand that there are things out there that can not generally be seen with the naked eye, but that are very real. It’s all to do with energy, and the process of this type of healing is that the healer is healing the persons bodies (physical and the many energetic ones, think along the lines of how our auras are in layers), where they need it most by using universal healing energy. In terms of physics, energy can not be created or destroyed, only transferred. In the words of Nikola Tesla, if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

During the healing, Helen saw the colours pink and orange. She also felt a release around my head, throat and sacral chakra. After we exchanged what we’d felt, it was my turn to have a go at some healing on Helen. I tried to mimic roughly the order, but also tried to not over think and go with the flow using my intuition as a direction.

I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, what I should be feeling, but I tried to not over think it, after all, whenever we try something new for the first time, it’s never going to be perfect. I was amazed and delighted that after when we discussed what we had felt/seen, Helen told me that when I put my hands on her knees to ground her, an energy imprint had been left that she could feel when I moved my hands away. She also suddenly asked if I could smell a sweet smell, like a strawberry/rose/bubble gum smell. I don’t have the best sense of smell after having a few surgeries on my nose, but I could smell a slight sweetness. According to Helen, this is a sign of the angels being present! I’m taking all this as confirmation that this is the path I need to follow. Back a little over a year ago on my honeymoon when I had an oracle reading, I was told I was a healer, that Reiki and crystal healing were good avenues for me to explore. I’ve never forgotten that, and I do keep looking for available courses, although financially something always comes up, and now I’m on maternity leave this makes things a little more tricky. But I trust that when the time is right the opportunity will present itself.

While I was giving healing to Helen, I did get a sharp pain down my left arm when I was over Helens left side, near her arm. I was also drawn to her back, the middle of her shoulder blades. I saw yellow surrounded by pink. A real confidence boost came when Helen told me she had been having back pains in the exact spot I’d been drawn to, and the colours yellow were ralated to the solar plexus, and pink for love, which all resonated with her. What a win!

From this workshop, it has got me so inspired and excited to explore spirituality and anything that is part of metaphysical/occult/holism etc even more, and I definitely want to practice oracle card readings and healing continuously. I have asked dear Hubby if he’s willing to be guinea pig, and he had kindly agreed. We just need to carve out some stress free time that works around the shifts he works and the life demands of parenting and house keeping.

Helen did a wonderful job at making the workshop engaging and creating a kind, judgment free environment. And of course, the other women on the course were all so lovely and seeking their own development. It was refreshing to be around a group of women from different walks of life sharing their spiritual experiences. It can at times be a little lonely having all these thoughts, happenings and hopes along this path with very few people to really openly share them with without fear of judgement and their reaction. It’s one of those things that often people have to experience for themselves to be able to relate to. I’ve left the afternoon with a renewed enthusiasm and direction on how to keep building on the oracle card readings, and a taster of how to give healing. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend an afternoon! Thank you Helen!

To book in with Helen for healing therapies and readings, visit her website helenshortland.com and head over to her Facebook page for more contact options and updates.

Keep checking back on my blog for a short interview with Helen coming soon!

Kathryn x

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