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Taking a short break….

You’ll have to excuse the late post…sorry!

I have decided to take a short break from art and writing while we are in the middle of the corona virus outbreak, as it has become difficult to find time to create when I have been spending time researching play activities. I didn’t realise how much I relied on our daily outings. I would pack snacks, and take Rose out into the local area every day for a few hours. We would go for walks in nature areas, visit the library, run errands…and now that doesn’t happen, I find myself stuck for ideas to keep her entertained.

I have also decided that while my husband is on furlough, to use the time productively to keep sorting through our house. We moved in around 9 months ago now, and the spare room is still filled with boxes, which are mostly tools and bits (or what I refer to as, crap) which he is organising and busy building shelves. We have also needed to purchase more storage for toys, our room needs finishing touches, the spare room needs to be decorated as we will be moving Rose into it, and the garden needs perking up. On top of that, we are both making the most of us being at home to take it in turns to get exercise regularly. So as you can see, so much is going on! Before the corona virus hit, we were booked in to have windows replaced and began hunting for a new bathroom suite.

In the mean time, head over to my Instagram (@oneseeingshost) as I will hopefully post the odd craft I get to do. Keep safe and well everyone, find the silver lining, even if its to catch up on rest (I’ll be handing in my ‘nap pass’ card to my husband soon, such a luxury!). I’m hoping to have my new site live in a couple months time too, so keep checking back!

Kathryn x

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