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The Light is Within You

I’ve found it tricky to get back into drawing – a combination of inspiration block (due to the whirlwind of life taking over) or not having enough time with being a first time mum to a nearly 6 month old baby. Throw in my enthusiasm to do a million projects (because now when time is limited I am full of ideas and decide that I have to give them all a go, such as hand embroidering a christmas stocking for my daughter, writing and illustrating a keep sake story book for her aswell, doing my drawings, sketching and list making craft ideas as I would like to finally launch my shop, attempting to journal daily, then of course there’s my attempt at regular exercise, trying to eat healthy, maintain a tidy clean house…PARENT- eeekk.)

Now, I wouldn’t say I believe star signs to the letter, but I’m a sagittarius, as is my Dad and Sister, and we do seem to share similar traits of enthusiasm for ideas, deep thinkers, and dedicated to put our effort into what our minds are focused on. And sometimes, what I’ve noticed is, we can occaisionally over do it – what do you mean I can’t do everything in the space of an hour and have it finished to a high standard?!

So I just have to accept that I have this new slower pace to life. But the positives are that I get to enjoy seeing my little girl grow a little personality, and I can’t help but smile and laugh with her as she giggles away. And that’s a moment I want to go slow, so I can stay in it a little while longer.

This new drawing in my A6 sketchbook was inspired by an angel card reading I had just over a year ago. It was our honeymoon, and we we’re in Cornwall, more precisely, Boscastle and had gone to Bodmin for the day.

‘The Light is Within You’ A6 graphite on paper 2020

We wondered round the shops, and as Boscastle was such a magical place, there was still plenty of New Age/Pagan/Spiritual/Metaphysical shops to explore in Bodmin. As we went into one, we got chatting to the woman who owned it, and my husband spotted she was advertising angel oracle card readings, so I booked in to go back later that day.

The lady, Maggie, was such a kind person, and I was excited to see what she would pick up through the cards. We chatted for a couple mins, before she lay the cards out in front, moving her left hand over slowly to feel which ones. I was booked for a 3 card reading, but she was being told I needed a 4 card reading. As it was over a year ago, I can’t remember the cards that were selected, but I remember the accuracy of some major points. The first indicated some conflict. I wont go into detail, as its a little personal, but it was between friendships just a couple days before hand and I was obsessing over it that I had done something wrong. She knew the details without me saying, and gave me the reassurance that I had nothing to worry about and I’d done nothing wrong. I think it was at the point that she was a little nervous about sharing something with me. It wasn’t something from the cards, but rather what she had been able to pick up as soon as my husband and I walked in to her shop. We had not been discussing this particular thing (again, it’s a little personal so feel abit too exposed to share the topic of this at this time), but Maggie shared with me what she had picked up on. She told me as we walked in the shop she felt overwhelmed with sadness and tears, and even as she told me she was a little tearful, but that the energy was still with me but it wasn’t the right time. It was amazing how she knew such a precise personal detail.

The cards also showed mediumship, mostly clairsentience, and she said ‘but you already know that’. In the months leading to this reading, I had been trying to align myself to the universe and discover what ever abilities I have (occurances have been going on since I was a child) as I wanted to do something with it. I wanted to use them to help people, but didn’t know how. It was then Maggie told me I was an empath too, which is why I find people and social situations too much at times. I asked her what I could do to use these gifts to help people, and she saw that I am a healer, and crystal healing or reiki would be good for me. Unfortunately, I’m yet to learn these skills officially, but it’s a goal of mine. Maggie also saw that I’m what she called a ‘dream walker’ , where I find myself in other peoples dreams, which is why they are intense and vivid. I do have some strange, realistic dreams, in the sense that if I get hurt in a dream, I feel it physically. Maybe that explains alot? She also told me that there is a light within me, I am a healer, an empath and clairsentient.

This has been the inspiration to this small drawing. I believe we all have a light within us. We can all be the good in this world, to illuminate the shadows. We don’t need to make waves, because to someone else, we are already the ocean. Let’s be good to each other.

Kathryn x

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