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What I discovered from giving distant healing

As some of you might remember reading from some of my Instagram posts (@lightofsolstice) is that I have been learning intuitive healing with the aim to be able to help people more directly by offering healing as a service. As part of the learning curve, I needed to conduct some distant healing and receive feedback. I was lucky that a few people kindly volunteered and shared their experiences with me.

Full disclosure - I have had angelic reiki and healing myself from a wonderful lady who I have seen a couple times - and if we weren't in the middle of the covid pandemic, I'd probably have made an appointment for a pick - me - up. As much as I engage and enjoy my own wellness routine and journey , I find that visiting a healer for some kind of therapy helps as a fine tuning and maintenance. Plus it is a lovely self care treat. I love anything spiritual / holistic / healing related and enjoy experiencing new things within these areas. However, even though I felt energetic happenings during these sessions, they were all in person, as I felt that it would be more effective and I'd feel like something was actually happening. Basically, I didn't think much of distant healing.

Well, I have been proven wrong. I'll hold my hands up to this, and it's exciting that I have been proven wrong.

While I understand the basic principle of distant healing, the deeper part I don't know - as in, how have I been able to accurately know what area a person needs healing without knowing anything about their health?

The course outlined the basic method, though as I have found a way of working with in person sessions, I decided that would be a great place to start as a method that was successful to me. As a visual person, I decided to create my own drawings of the male and female body with the corresponding chakra colours. After, I was all set to gather some kind hearted volunteers!

I technically needed just one for my assessment, but as around 5 had volunteered, I was wasn't going to waste the opportunity to practice when the number was small and manageable. These people knew it was new to me and very kind and helpful to allow me to practice and share our feedback with each other.

Whenever it comes to using intuition, I find I have to make a conscious effort to by pass the logic thought. I have done a few one card oracle readings in a group too to practice, and each time I have a sense of anxiety / nerves / anticipation about the outcome and that I need it to be 'right'.

Just let all that go. And then go for it. People who know you're starting out won't mind you getting it 'wrong', they just want to help you succeed. There really are some wonderful people out there. Plus, they get to experience something that's possibly new to them too, and it's completely free! (Unless of course you wish to charge a small fee.)

I was completely blown away from the first session. My first lovely lady was able to find somewhere to relax for around half an hour at our agreed time, and I set myself up ready with my drawing of the female body and crystals that i like to use.

I decided as a starting point to do exactly the same as the in person sessions I have practiced - meditated, called upon my guardian angel and healing guides to assist me, placing crystals round the diagram and on the chakra points when ready, and using my fluorite wand to finish.

As I went along I took a mental note of where I was drawn to on the body, and any (what appeared to be random) information about that area.

Almost immediately during scanning the bodys energy I was drawn to the left forearm, and as odd as it sounds, it felt like an injury like a sprain. I was also drawn to the bottom of the aura around the feet, it was like I could see a grey cloud over the area on my drawing. It felt as though grounding would be helpful. I had colours green and yellow come into my mind too that seemed significant. While balancing the chakras, I was drawn to pay extra attention to the heart, solar plexus and root - which made sense to me for grounding again.

While I nervously typed the feedback, feeling like a bit of a mad woman (that's how I honestly felt, and probably looked like waving my hands and crystals over a piece of paper. Again, it's not that I don't believe in such things, as I know something happens and works when done in person, I have experienced it from both sides, it was just a case of getting my head around distant healing methods.) I did feel very excited and hopeful of her experience, and I was blown away.

We had not discussed any health issues (I was keen to see what I picked up on, and my kind volunteer did not disclose any to me) , just arranged the session and what the plan was.

In her feedback, she shared with me that earlier that day she had hurt her left forearm and that the soreness had since gone. The grounding resonated with her because of her profession, as did the solar plexus chakra for confidence in her business. She had also had painful toes which felt better after. She felt like she needed to sleep afterward too.

This amazed me so much and really gave me the confidence for the other sessions I had arranged with the rest of the volunteers!

Each one amazed me when I got feedback that I had been accurate with what I felt. If they were general comments and agreements, then I wouldn't be so impressed. Such as, if I said to someone 'I feel that you're having a stressful time right now and have been for a few months', and they agreed, well it's quite a general statement and everyone to some extent has found the last few months stressful and difficult in some ways because of the dramatic impact of covid - 19. (At the time of writing, here in Nottingham, UK, we are in a one month lockdown again, and talks of another national one.)

One session, I was drawn to the right hip, which made sense to him, and after a night in a hotel which usually leads to poor sleep, he felt well rested and springy the next morning. The last volunteer, we agreed together to see what comes from the session without me knowing her conditions. I was drawn to the chest / heart area first, as well as left leg which felt more aura based, like a cloud of energy, and to both feet. The colour red seemed important, where I was drawn to the right leg, and the word 'circulation' came to me. I'll be honest, I felt hesitant to share this last bit, purely because I am not a medical professional, and circulation is important. I also didn't want to create any fear for her. I thought on this for a while, and decided to share that that was what came up for me, and not go into detail with it. With holistic health and intuitive healing, it's very important to stick to the rule that you do not attempt to diagnose any condition or discourage anyone from seeking conventional medical care from a qualified practitioner. I kept it simple and said that it came to me while being drawn to the right leg - not going further by saying it could mean x, y or z.

I was looking forward to receiving feedback as this lady had previously worked in a similar area of healing. She kindly shared with me that some of her conditions had been affecting her feet and circulation, and had been having rapid heart rate in the previous days. She also felt wonderful spiritual / angelic energy during the session and tingling in chakras that I had been drawn to work on.

The best thing to have heard from the volunteers is that it has helped them in some way. That, for me, is the most amazing and rewarding thing to hear. Part of my purpose is that I want to be able to help people, and from visiting a couple of healers and readers myself, I have been told several times that I too am meant to be a healer, and that I am an empath and clairsentient. I'm convinced that this is the route I am to continue with. I believe everything happens for a reason, so to me, it makes sense that healing would be the reason why I am a clairsentient and empath.

As for distant healing , I am officially converted to it's power and benefits. With it working on the basis of physics that energy has no boundaries, and that even our thoughts have an energetic frequency, I can get my head around that. But me being able to connect to anothers energy and be so accurate, well, exactly how that happens blows my mind.

I am incredibly grateful to those who have volunteered their time to me, and beyond happy that they feel a positive benefit from it.

I'm excited to soon be able to offer this as a service, after a little more practice, though I'm well on the way to having everything in place to launch, so keep checking back!

Kathryn x

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