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When crystals speak

Have you ever bought a crystal and had it speak to you? Tell you where it should go to fulfill its purpose?

At Christmas, I was gifted a voucher for a website, and I spent a lot of time thinking what to buy. This is a relatively new thing I do - usually I have something in mind straight away, and have no hesitation in buying it when the opportunity arises.

This time was different though. I had some ideas in mind, and carefully chose to buy some crystal items. I treated myself to a pink jade face roller, a selenite charging plate, an angelite tumblestone and a selenite angel.

As you can imagine, I was so excited when my order arrived. The crystals were beautiful! I couldn't wait to get to know them!

And that's where the selenite angel began to 'speak'. It didn't happen clearly at first, it was fairly gradual, when my mind was quiet and I gazed at the beautiful carving in my hands. I was really taken with this crystal angel, the selenite was so smooth and gleamed, and at around 2.5 inches high, was big compared to the other angels I had seen. (I bought a rose quartz angel for my daughter when she was a few months old, and made it into some crystal art that is framed on her bedroom wall. The angel is around an inch or so high.)

I was really looking forward to doing a meditation with it, but little did I know that it would tell me where it wanted to go.

I first got the start of a message after I opened the packaging. It was a bit of a rush as little Rose was starting to flap as we'd just had lunch and she wanted to get out her highchair as we were going out. I held the angel in my hands and heard 'for Linda'. Linda is my sister - 3 years older then me, though our birthdays are just 5 days apart, making her a fellow fire sign.

I didn't outright dismiss it. Though to be honest, I did want to keep this one and buy her another to send as a surprise. So I just put it down on the table and carried on with my afternoon.

A day or so later when I got round to settling down for a quiet mediation, with the intention to connect to the angelic realm, speak with my guardian angel (I really don't do this enough! But I always thank her when I ask for help and at times during gratitude, but still, sorry Azura!)

Again, without a doubt, I heard 'for Linda'. And I felt it, in my core, I was not meant to keep this beautiful selenite angel, that I had a duty to send it to where it was needed most.

I even showed my sister the angel a day or so after the meditation during a video call. I didn't tell her about what I had been hearing, as the phone call was enough confirmation that I had to pass it on as soon as possible, rather then wait until I was to see her next. It was during this call, that my poor sister, was off loading all her recent struggles, anger, frustrations...I of course won't detail them here, but if you knew, you would be fairly shocked at what she has been enduring, and also understand why this beautiful angel crystal was telling me it needed to go to my sister. I completely understood that as much as I can offer her words of support and encouragement, and be a listener when ever she needed to essentially go 'BBBLLLAAAGGGHHHH!' , she needed the comfort, unconditional love, and support of her guardian angel and the angelic realm.

Over the years, we've had little guardian angel tokens. They have been lovely little gifts that our Mum bought for us when she has happened to come across them. How lovely is that thought - a Mother, seeing little guardian angels, instantly thinking of her grown daughters and buying them for us - to remind us that we are not alone. It was a little joke some years ago now, that one our Mum bought for Linda kept breaking, and they kept gluing it back together. The joke was that she had been going through a terrible divorce, and that as it was coming to being finalized, her guardian angel just couldn't take it anymore and was moving on! Our lovely Mum bought Linda a new angel, which I believe is still in one piece! I like to think that the broken angel was there for her during the extremely difficult time she was going through, and that it's way of saying that it had served it's purpose was to keep breaking.

The morning after, I packed the angel and went to the post office. As my sister isn't too familiar with crystals, I did write a little note about selenite. I also didn't tell her, because everyone loves post, and I wanted it to be a surprise.

When she received it, I got a very grateful and excited massage from Linda, and she even thanked me again later on a video call. I told her how it turned out it wasn't meant for me, but rather to go and help her. Being gifted the angel really did make her smile, and she was interested how I said it 'spoke' to me, telling me 'for Linda'.

What has confirmed it even more, is that after the first night, where she placed the angel on the stand next to her bed, she has been having vivid, strange dreams. When we caught up again on video chat, she told me about a few and even now, it's been a couple weeks, she said that almost every night since having the angel, her dreams are wild. She feels as though the inner work she has been doing has linked with them and has been doing a lot of releasing. I agree with this. I feel as though the angel had wanted to go to her to help her release what has been holding her back, giving her the support and guidance to end old cycles and to build something brighter, positive, step into her purpose here, assisted with the unconditional love of the angelic realm.

Have you ever had a crystal tell you where it wanted to go?


Kathryn x

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