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Where am I going? My latest drawing

I managed to finish this experimental drawing a couple days ago, and thought I would talk about the inspiration behind it. Artistically, I'm loving the mix of high contrast graphite, silver acrylic, and clear, rough quartz crystals. I'm looking forward to creating more pieces with this mix of materials - I really feel that using crystals with my drawings adds more energy - makes them more dimensional to look at, but also infuses the energy of the crystals with the narrative I've drawn.

I've been thinking a lot lately about life paths - how we are here for a purpose, have our lessons to learn, and have our journeys to make. Younger me, the more impatient me (though, admittedly, I am still guilty of being too impatient, but I'm working on it!) felt self imposed pressure the have everything figured out about life and I just wanted to get to the stage in life where I knew what I was doing, I knew the answers and ultimately, fulfill whatever it was that I'm meant to be doing so I didn't have to come back to Earth again. Though, as I'm drawing closer to ending a decade and beginning a new one, after having my first child (any other first time parents out there?! Talk about a life shock of having a tiny human!) I feel as though I have made peace with not only being on Earth and the frustrations of human existence, but that I have gained life wisdom which has felt like doors have opened and I can see the reason.

I can't remember when my journey began with spirituality, I have memories as a child of experiences happening, but thought they were what everyone experienced. I often heard my name being called, but no one was there, saw thick, moving white light around people, and had a 'knowing' of events that were to happen. This has continued throughout my life, with other occurrences along the way, and I always wondered what I was to do with these experiences. It is as I have grown that I came to understand about our spiritual journey, that it is never ending and there is so much to learn in the world that sometimes, there aren't human words to explain.

Having my daughter is one part of my journey, and I would have to say the most impactful. I have reflected so many times about my experience of motherhood so far, and of life in general. There is a reason why her soul chose myself and my husband

to be her parents, there's a reason we are all here together, and I hope one day to find out why. In the meantime, I move forward, discovering, evolving, on my life path, that is the trunk of a tree, with the branches being the life paths of my family, friends, and those who I meet along the way.

Have you thought about your life path? Where is your spiritual journey taking you?



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