'Kathryn picked up on things which were significant & meaningful to my personal situation & which I felt were specific to where I am with my own healing journey which I found very confirming & encouraging. I felt the healing energy during the session. During certain points of the session I felt what can only be described as a whooshing sensation which felt like energy unblocking. I felt energized & lighter after the session & had much more energy for the next few days afterwards. I hope to book another session with Kathryn soon' - A beautiful experience from Lynsey H, UK

' I felt what can only be described as a whooshing sensation'

'I also felt a 
really loving

'Thank you, that's really interesting. Where I laid I was leant against something and my right shoulder was uncomfortable..I actually thought I wonder if she notices I have an injury to my left shoulder so my right does more work. I pulled a muscle in my stomach, slightly to the left yesterday and yes I'd agree that sacral chakra work is ongoing and have been exploring shadow work recently. I love being out in nature, and just got my first Indoor plant this week . Just this morning I was reflecting on an experience at school with curiosity around if that impacts my relationship with writing. I use to journal when I had to for my counselling training but it's not something I've chosen to do, perhaps exploring that may help with my other writing blocks. During the session I felt my third eye really wanting to see, I had the sensation of looking down a long telephone but the cap end was still there so I couldn't yet see what was at the other end so that was interesting. I also felt a real loving energy. Thank you that was really interesting.' - A beautiful experience from Sarah R, Plymouth, England

'Hi Kathryn. Thank you for that it was very interesting. I could feel your energy in my feet at first and like a featherlight touch up my leg. I felt like a muscle spasm in my left knee and a couple of other areas. Lots of energy around my feet and lower legs. Toward the end I got really itchy but it kept moving around: right hand, above right eye, neck, right hand, right wrist, chin, left eye, right side of nose, right hand, left hand, right wrist, neck. It seemed to go on for longer than 10 minutes if that makes sense? It felt like about half a hour when you messaged me. That card makes total sense. I was aware of someone else in the house and I could hear them doing something that I would usually react to. Having seen that card I won’t. I will try and see it from their point of view' - A beautiful experience from Clare W, Oxfordshire, England 

'I could feel your energy in my feet at first'
'I felt tingling in my hands throughout'

I have been having issues with my right upper arm/elbow which I think has been caused from a sitting position since I have been working from home and am getting a lot of problems with it. I am not sure why the hip and calf but I was warm at the fronts of both thighs and my cheeks throughout. I felt a heaviness in my sacral and solar plexus chakras which is where I seem to have most issues. I also needed to swallow a lot throughout so was wondering if that was my throat chakra. At one point my heart did a couple of strong beats which did startle me. I had images of a headland/coastal location so ties in with the water you mention and strangely enough food, but couldn't place what. I knew when it had come to an end as I felt a coldness through my body almost as if it was bringing me back to the present. I felt tingling in my hands throughout and some pulsing waves in my hands and across my face/head at one point. - A beautiful experience from Leanne, South Wales, UK

'It started with a very high pitched ringing in both ears for me with some pressure in the crown chakra area. A purplish wave cascades very slowly down over my upper chakra areas, almost a numbing type feeling, and I felt prickles in my arms and fingers. This did stop above my lower chakra areas. I do feel a stagnation in my root chakra. I tend to go within very often and spend a little too much time with my spiritual self. I am always reminding myself to ground. I do love nature so much so I just need to make the time to go outside and connect. I was in my meditative state and did see a beautiful white dove kind of circling. I was washed with white light and the feeling of peace and love. I opened my eyes and immediately felt the presence of my guardian angels. I looked at my phone and it was 2:22 which I thought was beautiful synchronicity. I did do a heart meditation earlier today. As far as the throat chakra, I have always wondered about this. I often have the urge to clear my throat. I should definitely do more work there. The reference to a baby kind of surprised me! We have been talking of starting a family. Not exactly trying but not 'not trying' if you know what I mean. Overall this was such a cool experience. Thanks so much! 

Oh and as for the legs and feet, I've been kind of dragging my feet in the start of a new venture so that could be a sign for me to get going!' - A beautiful experience from Amanda M , Rhode Island, USA

'I opened my eyes and immediately felt the presence of my guardian angels'

'I found it really relaxing actually. My feet felt (and still do) freezing throughout. I have been feeling hugely overwhelmed lately, so it's interesting you say that word came to you. I have go so much on my mind at the moment, literally my brain won't shut off, and even when I was trying to relax and clear my mind, it just wouldn't stop going over and over everything...especially the frustration I am feeling. I wonder if the healing and balance of green is due to the work I am doing on myself at the moment? Also, during the session, the colours yellow and orange came to me very strongly!

Fascinating stuff!!! Thank you so much. ' - A beautiful experience from Michelle K, Dorset, England

'I have been feeling hugely overwhelmed lately, so it's interesting you say that word came to you'

'My right rib area...well my cat did come and park herself right there beside me as I was on the sofa. Never been stung by a bee but I do love bees and all little creatures so try to encourage them in the garden. I do try to ground myself regularly by walking bare feet, and more especially in summer in my garden. I have always felt that my lower chakras were out of balance. Therefore I have a lot of crystals that re good for grounding like smokey quartz. I only have one plant at home and have been meaning to get more but just never get round to it! There is lots of blue in my aura. Sometimes I feel I don't always speak my mind or speak up when I should but am working on this right and getting better at it. I do believe in guides and angels and often thing they are present with me watching my back! I have recently begun meditating consistently a little everyday so I think that has been helping too. It's very interesting what came up and the painting is lovely.

Overall I found it lovely. I was relaxed and there was a slight warmth which felt good. It was a fab experience. Thank you so much Kathryn!' - A beautiful experience from Kay T, Essex, England

'I was relaxed and there was a slight warmth'

'As you already know it was my first distant heling session in my life and I'm amazed. You don't know me at all and you didn't ask me any questions but your reading was 100% accurate. Although I didn't feel a lot of differences after my session as I went straight to bed afterwards (I was very tired and as you know, I needed to be up very early the next day), the next morning when I woke I felt a lightness inside my body (I don't know how I can describe it better) and even my work colleagues  said this day was different then any other day. Although we were very busy, didn't feel like working, everyone was relaxed and clam. I would say in the air was happiness and floating. When my colleagues mentioned about it, I said it was because I was there, and I truly believe it. I felt lightness all day long. You have a very special gift Kathryn. I love my aura painting too. Thank you. Just to add, I felt like my energy radiated to the rest of the team.' - A beautiful experience from Iwona K, Bristol, England

'The next morning when I woke I felt a lightness inside my body'